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Welcome to the International School of Choueifat  ̶  Sharjah

In our increasingly competitive world, a high-quality education gives students a wider choice and better chances in college and university as well as the skills and tools needed to succeed throughout their lives.

Through the SABIS® Educational System, students at ISC-Sharjah will learn with an efficiency of time and effort. ISC-Sharjah students will be helped to achieve their full potential. Practically any student can achieve this aim - not only brilliant students.

In these pages, you can find out about ISC-Sharjah, its curriculum, extracurricular activities, facilities, requirements for admission, registration procedures, and other aspects of the school that may be of interest to you.

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  • ISC-Sharjah School Trips

    ISC-Sharjah School Trips

    Choueifat hosts annual school trips for students grade two to twelve. They are a fool-proof method of stress-relief, a wonderful opportunity to unwind, as well as a refreshing, exciting change of scenery and environment.

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  • Tug of War Day

    Tug of War Day

    One of the many things our students pride themselves for is being able to create amusing, diverting events in a spur of the moment decision. One of these so-called events this year was the tug of war.

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  • Infants Sports Day

    Infants Sports Day

    Even the children were not left out of this year’s fun. Especially for the children, the Activities’ department organised the Sports day, an annual events for kg 1,kg 2 , and grade 1. This takes place every first lesson for three weeks.

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  • SLO® has finally moved

    SLO® has finally moved

    After all the prefects’ hard work and enduring determination, the SLO® has finally moved out from the administration into a more spacious place. Moreover, the SLO® is now able to recruit a far larger number of prefects and can further provide its...

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